COPA will host a free seminar on tax return this Sunday, March23. If you'd like to attend, please contact COPA by Friday, March 21.


Title: What you need to know before you file the U.S. Federal Income Tax Return- Individual

Speaker:  Jacky Sun (CPA- TSBCA )

                 Texas First Industrial Corporation,Inc

Time:        Sunday, March23 2014, 1-2pm

Location: Chinese Civic Center Room 119 (中国人活动中心)

                  5905 Sovereign Dr, Houston, TX 77036


         The U.S. Federal Income Taxes Individual Tax Introduction.

         Important Tax calendar.

         Tax Forms and which to use?

         Federal Tax Calculation Formula.

         Important Tax Definitions & How to identify.

         Some Tax Credits you might be able to claim.

         New Tax Rates for year 2014 (2013 comparison)

         Other New Taxes in effect for year 2014

         DIY How to File Federal Tax Return by yourself Now!

         Some Helpful Reference Materials For your Tax Return