COPA 2020 Webinars and the Three-leg Table Model for Career Development

In 2020, the unprecedented pandemic impacts everyone of us.  Due to social distancing, it’s very difficult to organize in-person events, but via teleconferencing COPA is still committed to bring positive influence to the community.  COPA re-focused its mission on providing resources to help with members’ career development.  A series of webinars were planned around the “Three-Leg Table” model of career development – technical skills, soft skills and business acumen.  Such a well-rounded skillset helps us improve our individual performance and achieve our career goal, no matter what career path we are taking. This is particularly true when we want to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing environment. 

So far COPA has organized several technical and business webinars, with topics covering Water Treatment, Seismic Data Processing, Asset Management, Gaining Business Insight from Oil Industry History, and Unconventional EOR.